A Tribute to an Amazing Lady and Soul

December 9, 2014 by Thorin Gault D.C.

A few weeks ago the world lost an amazing woman. Almost anyone who has spent any time around Nexus Chiropractic knew and admired Mary Price.

I considered Mary a friend and a teacher. For many years she was considered our ‘ideal’ patient and practice member and it was she who seemed to dictate how we defined that ideal. Mary and the practice and myself as a doctor grew together over the 10+ years I had the pleasure of knowing her.

I had the opportunity to travel to Denver and other places with Mary where I got to know her outside of the office setting. It was incredible how this quiet, unassuming lady had lived such an interesting and unique life.


I have been planning to write this since Mary’s passing, yet something had kept me from it until today. While I shed some tears upon hearing the news, I must admit that I have been feeling some guilt over NOT being more upset to have lost someone I loved. I thought I should feel worse.

It has come to me recently however that even though I miss her, there is no reason to feel bad because perhaps more than anyone else I have known she lived her life exactly on her own terms. She lived a great life and continued to do so through her challenges right until the very end. That is an incredible gift she gave to both herself and those who cared about her.

When Mary’s illness began to progress and she became more or less house bound I contacted her a few times to see if she would like me to visit. I could tell that she really did not want me there. Once she arrived in Hospice she let me know she was ready for visitors and I am so grateful for the time we spent talking. She explained why she only wanted certain people at her home while she was sick and great it felt to be in Hospice where she was more free and at peace.

Again, always on HER terms!


Mary Price was a walking and talking example of someone who continued to grow and evolve until the very end. She was always learning, trying new things and was open to new ideas. Many people give up on those things in their 40s. She was still going strong into her 80s. That was what kept her young (I never really thought of Mary as any ‘age’).

Mary was also an example of quiet courage. I learned from her that being courageous doesn’t mean shouting and stomping and being in people’s faces. She was just courageous in the dignified and quiet way that was her.

As Mary faced serious illness, she never wavered in her courage. Did she make some tough decisions that she wasn’t always sure of? You bet. Once she made them she took ownership of them and did the absolute best she could.


Again, I miss my friend and I guess I am not sad because she lived a life fulfilled. The type of life that I think most of us can aspire to. A life that was lived with dignity and ended with dignity.

Thank you, Mary. Thank you for making my life better. Thank you for all of your contributions to the people who got to know you through our office. Thank you for being a shining example of what is possible for us all.


Psst. There will always be place reserved for you at our Clear Days!

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