Clear Day

A Clear Day is an intensive, full-day event for developing new strategies for healing, wellness and personal transformation. Clear Day is open to individuals who have already made significant progress in their NSA and SRI care.

Clear Day consists of 3 special NSA entrainments, facilitated group SRI sessions, integrated healing workshops, multimedia presentations and other activities designed to make progress during the day sustainable and applicable to daily life. Healthy lunch and snacks are provided.

The Clear Day is lead and conducted by Dr. Thorin Gault, who in addition to having organized over a dozen events for his own practice, since 2003 has also worked as a staff doctor for many others. Dr. Gault hand-picks world class doctors and facilitators to assist in his Clear Days and has served practice members from across North America.

Clear Days are held once in the spring (April – Early May), and once in the autumn (late September – October). Applications for Clear Days may be obtained at Gault Family Chiropractic or by contacting the office. NSA doctors and their practice members are welcomed to attend our events

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