Neurospinal Optimization vs. Traditional Chiropractic

Not all Chiropractic Care is the same

Most traditional chiropractors focus on the goals of decreasing muscle spasm, increasing range of motion and reducing pain through the use of a variety of therapies. This type of care falls under to category of symptom reduction/management.

Neurospinal Optimization

At Nexus Chiropractic we focus on Neurospinal Optimization. Unlike traditional chiropractors Neurospinal Optimization focuses on the function and structure of the spinal cord/nervous system and spine.

The nervous system is like the electrical system in your home. In order for your lights, furnace, and appliances to function correctly, your electrical system must be working normally. The same is true of your nervous system. Neurospinal Optimization focuses on the normal functioning of your spinal cord and nerves and their connection to the bony structures of your spine to ensure an optimum expression of health.

It is obvious that a malfunctioning electrical system will lead to secondary effects such as light bulbs burning out and the need to replace appliances too soon. Likewise, a poorly functioning spine and nervous system can lead to a variety of possible secondary conditions or symptoms.

The objective of Neurospinal Optimization is to address the underlying cause of the abnormal function of the nervous system and spine. The underlying condition we focus on at Nexus Chiropractic is called a Neurospinal Shift.

Where most healthcare approaches aim to Restore you to where you were before the secondary conditions or symptoms, our focus is on helping your body to Reorganize and become more adaptable, allowing you to move forward with better health and a better life.

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