The Truth About Back Pain Revealed – Discover Workshop.

When in pain (or stressed or diseased) we often withdraw from life with chemicals or other distractions. We will try almost anything to have our problem “fixed.”

What if there was a way to actually use your pains, diseases and stress as fuel for greater health, more energy and an enhanced quality of life?

Spend 90 minutes with us at this complimentary workshop and we will show you how.

At this workshop you will learn:
– The meaning of back pain, neck pain and headaches (surprise!)
– How to break free from chronic stress
– How to liberate your hidden energy
– Lifelong strategies to battle stress
– How to have energy left for those who matter most
– The secret to finally living a healthy lifestyle

Call 613-932-8111 today to reserve your seat. Space is limited. The first 20 people will receive a certificate for a complimentary consultation and examination ($50 value). Bring a guest and they will receive the same gift.

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