Adele Gannon – Chiropractic Health Assistant (CHA)

Adele Gannon started receiving Network entrainments in February of 2003. In 2004 Adele joined the staff of Gault Family Chiropractic where she has served as a chiropractic health assistant since. The mother of 3 has enjoyed her personal life and health improvements, as well as relishing in the benefits gained by everyone who enters the office.




Cindy Besignano – CHA and SRI Facilitator

Cindy Besignano moved to Cornwall from Thunder Bay with her family in 1989. After attending an introductory workshop with her husband Dave, who was already a practice member, she started receiving Network care in 2003. Cindy joined the Gault Family Chiropractic team in October of 2004 and is still enjoying the journey of NSA and SRI. Cindy has done training in Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and her passion is working as an SRI facilitator with the members of GFC – helping them to navigate through the challenges and celebrations in their health and life.

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