Surviving (and Thriving) the Holidays – A Practical Guide

December 7, 2011 by Thorin Gault D.C.

In Last week’s article we discussed how you can stay healthy and still have fun during the holidays. The message was essentially to keep doing what makes you healthy all year round – eat good stuff, exercise, relax and get entrained regularly. I have had feedback from some of you looking for more specific practical tips to survive and thrive during such a hectic and stressful time of year.

So, here are some easy and time efficient ways you can WIN this holiday.

Make Treats, Treats. If you want to eat goodies, do so but make them treats. At mealtime, eat good nutritious food. I try to do this with my kids all year round. We start every day with a nutritious smoothie, pack them a good lunch and then meat and veggies for dinner. Through the holidays minimize sugar, grains and anything processed during meals. Then savour the cookies and plum pudding(my fave).

Optimize Vitamin D Levels. This is an easy and inexpensive way to boost your health – especially during Northern winters. Most northerners are vit. D deficient and need to supplement during the winter. Get a good quality supplement and if you are concerned with your levels ask your G.P. or Naturopathic Doctor to be tested.

Get Intense Exercise. Sometimes during holidays time can be of the essence. This is no excuse to not exercise. With high intensity training you can make a huge impact on your energy levels, metabolism, and immune system in just a few minutes per day. This is easy to do in a gym by lifting weights. If you are travelling and don’t have any access to equipment you can do 20 seconds on/10 seconds off intervals of air squats, pushups, planks, jumping jacks, stair climbing, burpees or even walking. Be creative. Only 5 minutes of this a day will make a world of difference. Remember intensity is different for everyone, so be aware.

Alone Time, Daily. If you keep a daily schedule put this in first! This could mean meditation, affirmations, a warm bath, reading, prayer or personal reflection. It could take an hour or 5 minutes but do it every day. It is amazing what a few minutes with yourself while everything is turned off can do for your mindset and health. See this as a daily pressing of your “reset” button.

Get Entrained or Do SRI. Not only is NSA great for releasing physical, emotional and mental stress it actually makes you more adaptable to it by connecting you to your internal resources. If you are out of town or your NSA office is closed, commit even more to your Somatorespiratory Integration exercises. I will personally getting 2 entrainments on Dec. 21st and arranging a visit to an NSA friend the week between Christmas and the New Year.

I hope these simple tips are helpful. Taking action starting NOW! will help you to not only survive this holiday, but THRIVE!

Thank you for reading this far. Click HERE for a classic and funny Christmas movie moment.


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