Jason McNamara’s Video Testimonial

October 16, 2011 by

Jason McNamara of Framed Photography is one of the participants in Project Strong. Project Strong is a total life makeover system using the expertise of Tyler Touchette and staff at Caveman Strong, Scott Dunne of Upper Canada Physiotherapy and myself and staff at Gault Family Chiropractic.

Here is the video testimonial of Jason McNamara – an incredible guy with incredible committment to not only making himself better, but improving the lives of his family.

We tried to show this video yesterday at Gault Family Chiropractic’s Clear Day, but had some technical difficulties. Notice how the profound changes he has made and is making just seem so obvious to him. There is no struggle, no resentment. This is a great illustration of being in the season of transform using an effective Triad of change. Click “Jason Testimonial” below to view. Enjoy!

Jason testimonial


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