A Holiday Community Invitation – and Gift Ideas

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I love giving gifts at this time of year but I must admit that it can be stressful choosing the right gift for people who seem to have everything (a high quality problem).

Every year for the past 8 years Gault Family Chiropractic has given the gift of health to the friends, family and loved ones of its patients and practice members by providing Christmas cards with a certificate for a consultation, full examination and report of findings with me. In other words, our practice members give us the contact information of people they think would benefit from NSA care and we send them the card from their loved one. This is called a win-win-win!

I am happy to say that we no longer need to run this yearly event as a promotion. We don’t need to go out and find more people to be busy and successful. We continue to provide this service because we know that there are so many people in our community who desperately need sustainable ways to get healthy, learn to adapt to stress, develop success strategies and relieve suffering. As long as this is true, our job will never be finished.

With the birth of this blog the community of Gault Family Chiropractic has grown immensely and I am so grateful for everyone who follows me online. It is for that reason I would like to extend our offer to the readers of this blog. So, if someone you care about could benefit from NSA you can either phone our office (613-932-8111) with their contact info (name and address) and your name and we will get their gift off to them by Christmas. You can also email us at thordc@on.aibn.com with the same information. We will be booking these appointments through Dec. and January. If your loved ones live outside of the Cornwall area, I know many of my colleagues offer similar programs in their offices. Feel free to email me with the area you are looking for and if possible I will connect you with a participating office.

Thank you all for reading this year! We will finish strong and get ready to make 2012 the best, healthiest and most successful year of your life!

More Gift Ideas

We have also recommitted to providing high quality and hard to find health products in the office. You can read why at this link Product Lines. We currently carry the following products.

Q Link Products – Pendants, bracelets, and buttons to minimize the effects of damaging environmental frequencies such as EMF. I have been using Q Link personally for 10 years and have purchased them for all of my staff and family. These products have been extensively researched and are endorsed by the likes of Ken Wilder and Dr. Robert Young. These products are not to be confused with certain rubber bracelets that have dubiously been in the news recently. Click HERE for more info

Innate Choice Products – High quality Fish Oil, probiotics and Vitamin D. This is the brand that my family uses every day. We currently also have a package of all 3 together at a significant discount. Click HERE for their website.

Dr. Epstein’s Books – The 12 Stages of Healing,and The Somato Respiratory Workbook which are great for anyone under NSA care or not.

You can phone the office for our hours to purchase or view the products.

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