Follow Through

November 15, 2012 by

We are all successful at some things in life. If you can’t think of anything – think a little harder. Everyone has at least something they have created or accomplished that they can be proud of. On the other side of the coin, we all have things we have failed at or at least not had success in. I know that in my case, my failures far outnumber my successes, which is why I feel qualified to write about this topic.

In order to be truly successful at anything, you have to follow through. I believe that there are NO exceptions to this. NO short-cuts. If you want success as an athlete, a business person, in your health or as a parent, YOU MUST FOLLOW THROUGH.

What does following through mean? First, it means being committed to an outcome. Like almost all parents I am fully committed to providing my children with unconditional love, high quality food to eat, and a safe, stimulating home to live in. Guess what? That is exactly what they have. We succeed as parents because the moment our children arrive in our lives something magical happens that make us fully committed.

Being fully committed also means staying committed even when it is hard, not so much fun, and even a bit painful. If you ask any uber successful business person what makes them great, most will tell stories about sticking it out when things were at their worst. This is when our commitment is most tested, yet also most rewarded.

The other aspect of following through is having a plan or strategy. Without a strategy we have no direction. Without a direction we have no progress, and without progress success can only be fleeting at best. Success requires we have a plan and stick to it.

Obviously, I have a huge interest in the field of health. Without a doubt, the people (regardless of their history) who  are to committed to a plan and follow through are the healthiest people I interact with. Those who don’t…not so much.

A common issue is that many ARE committed to their health, yet their plan (or the plan they have been given) focuses only on secondary conditions such as pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, high blood pressure and many others. While there is nothing wrong with this, it usually only leads to short lived change without a significant increase in overall health.

Truly healthy people know they have to dig a bit deeper. In our office, we focus on Spinal Restructuring with the goal of detecting and correcting Neural Resistance, which is basically like having the strings of your piano strung too tight. With a nervous system wound too tight, this can lead to a variety of secondary conditions such as back and neck pain, poor posture, headaches, anxiety and even cause your internal organs to act as if your were being attacked by a bear.

This approach is not for everyone because we do not focus on the secondary conditions, we focus on what is behind them. Taking care of Neural Resistance requires follow through and the rewards are sustainable, overall health.

We have already followed through with travel, training, and an office equipped to deliver services that address Neural Resistance. Question is, do you want it?

Most people truly want health. If you are one of them, commit to a plan and follow through. You are worth it.


Our next complimentary Introductory workshop will be held on Tues. Dec. 4th at 7pm. Phone the office to reserve a seat.



I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a couple of great achievements by Gault Family Chiropractic practice members. First, Marcel Leroux recently published another novel. I cannot give it a review because it is written in French. If you would like to purchase a copy, let Adele know and we will obtain one for you.


Next, Renate True and Joseph Ianni, recently had incredible performances with the Chorus Novus presentation of In Flanders Fields. I did get to experience this first hand and it was an amazing show, with Joseph sharing the solos with 2 professional singers.

September is Transform Time

September 4, 2012 by

As told in the Book of Ecclesiastes and later made popular by The Byrds’ version of the song Turn, Turn, Turn!, there really is a time for everything. One of the great lessons I have learned as I have become older – and hopefully a bit wiser – is that life is not about pushing all of the time.

With the seasons come different actions, different routines, and a changing focus. For most people, summer is a time of rest, relaxation, indulgence, socializing, and fun. This is great because it actually prepares us for the next season of autumn – which surprise – starts today!

September marks the beginning of transform time. Transform means taking massive action, making progress, getting results, and following a plan or routine. The transformation we make over the next several months will be what we celebrate at Christmas and the New Year.

So, starting today, how can you maximize the results you will achieve this season? Here are some tips to make sure you transform to the fullest this autumn.

The first step is to Decide what you want. In what areas of your life must you make progress in? Perhaps your career, finances, relationship, or hobby require some transformation? Certainly health is a huge area for most people after a summer of beer and burgers. Make a list of 3-7 areas of your life that need an upgrade.

Now, for each area write down what your progress will look like. Here is the key: make sure that what you write down is in the positive. So, instead of focusing on ‘losing’ weight, phrase it as ‘gaining’ leanness, vitality, health or the ability to fit into size x jeans. Write these down now.

The next step is to come up with a Plan to achieve the results you have committed to. One of the best ways to do this is to model someone who is already getting those results. If you want to be healthy, find the healthiest people you know and model their behaviour, focus and structure. Once you decide what changes you will make, it is essential that you write your plan down and schedule it. In my experience, weekly planning is the best way to incorporate any changes into your life.

The last step is the one that most often causes failure. The final and most important step is Action. It doesn’t matter how inspiring your goals are, or how well laid out your plans are, without massive and consistent action you will never get there. You must act and you must do so with pig headed determination (thank you Chet Holmes)! The practice members who get the greatest results in my office who become more healthy and adaptable every year are those who commit and follow through. Likewise, the chiropractors I coach who get the greatest results in their practice commit and take massive action. If you are not going to take action, save yourself the disappointment and don’t even start this process.


Do yourself a favour and make the most out of the season of fall by really creating some transformation in your life. Think about good it will feel to celebrate all of your progress in a few short months. When it comes to transforming both your health and life, I know of no better support than Network care. Our office will be holding several workshops over the next few months to help people take the next step. If you are reading this in another community, feel free to contact me for a practitioner close to you.


To close, a quote from peak performance and transform master Tony Robbins.


“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.” I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”Anthony Robbins


What is Your Health Care Plan?

October 4, 2011 by

If you Fail to Plan…

We are all familiar with the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We are all familiar with it because it is absolutely true. Whether it be our finances, relationships, career or hobbies, success requires a conscious decision about exactly what we want and then a specific action plan to get us there.

Health Important? Show me Your Plan!

Because it is election time here in Ontario I keep hearing that health is one of people’s main priorities, yet I know very few individuals or families who have a specific health care plan. Why would we leave something so important to chance?

Follow the $$$

One of the reasons few people have a health care plan is that in our society we are strongly discouraged from doing so. Just from a financial standpoint, we are covered (via OHIP) for disease treatment and crisis care while true health building care must come out of our pockets. Even private “health care” insurance typically only covers enough visits to handle a crisis, thus discouraging a plan of care focused on long –term health and wellness.

The MAN Can’t Save You

The most powerful deterrent to true health care is the societal illusion that our government will look after our health. It seems a small thing, but continuing to call government funded disease treatment “health care” has the massive impact of deluding people into thinking that all they need to be healthy is a well funded public system. A trip to any public place proves this to be absolutely false!

Decide, then ACT

How do we create our own health care plan? First, decide on what outcome you would like. Remember this is about creating health, not fighting or even preventing a disease. Would you like to feel great, have abundant energy and enjoy an active lifestyle into your 90s? There is a plan for that! Would you like to be able to play tennis with your great grandchildren? There is a plan for that too! How about getting healthier and more vital with each passing year? Yes, there is a plan for that also.

Once you know what you want it is quite simple to put together a plan of action. How would this person (the healthy you of the future) eat? What kind and how much exercise would they do? What type of spiritual practices would they employ? Who would they hang out with? What kind of health coaches would they have and what kind of health services would they seek? What kind of choices would their family make?

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is a huge part of my family’s health care plan. Not only does NSA directly produce physical, mental, emotional and stress related benefits, it has also been shown to almost triple the effects of people’s other healthy lifestyle choices! If this interests you we hold regular workshops to show you how this is possible. If you are in another community, feel free to contact me to help you find a local practitioner or click HERE for a list of certified doctors worldwide.

The beautiful thing is that there are many ways to create the results you want and you plan can change and refine as you learn more and your needs shift. The important thing is to make a plan and start today. Only you can do it.


Clear Day Update


There are still a few spots available for our Oct. 15th Clear Day in Martintown. I can think of no better way to set the stage for a healthy, happy and transformed future than giving yourself the gift of this amazing event. See Adele, Cindy or myself for details.

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