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I was enjoying dinner last night celebrating another successful Clear Day with my parents and some of the staff, which included 2 other NSA doctors and a local physiotherapist. My parents were telling the story of the night another doctor and I returned from our first NSA seminar and I was so excited about what I had learned that I set up a portable table on their deck and entrained them right there! My mom had a very profound experience on her first entrainment and my dad a much more typical response but they both shared their fear that I was ruining my career by doing this “cultish” thing.

The Critics

From time to time while surfing the internet I will come upon sites with people criticizing NSA saying very nasty things calling it a cult, a scam, unscientific and things like that. I have even witnessed chiropractors (who should know better) make these ridiculous statements. As a person who greatest fears include being rejected and being ridiculed, this is a challenge! In fact, I do not think it a coincidence that my chosen profession confronts such fears.

Unique…not Weird

So, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify some of the misconceptions about NSA that illicit such remarks. As far as the cult thing goes I guess I get because the work we do is so unique. While we are not alone in the use of very gentle forces, the 2 waves that develop in response to these contacts are not seen anywhere else in health care. Does being different make something a cult? Only to people who are terrified of what they don’t understand.

Dedicated Docs

I guess the other argument that could be made for NSA’s cult status is the dedication of the practitioners. We tend to travel frequently to attend seminars and educational programs and continually upgrade our skills. For one, we are enthusiastic about the service we provide people and are committed to doing it to the best of our ability. Also, Dr. Epstein and his staff are constantly refining and upgrading the work, so consistent training is essential to doing the highest level of work. I don’t know about you, but I consider this a VERY GOOD thing for a health care provider!

The scam thing I really don’t get. We are not talking about a group of uneducated hucksters trying to make a quick buck. NSA can only be learned by doctors of chiropractic who have usually completed at least 9 years of post-secondary school at a HUGE personal expense. My best friend from chiropractic school (a great guy and very ethical traditional chiropractor) sees over 1000 people per week. Numbers like that are next to impossible doing NSA. Fact is, there are many easier ways for a chiropractor to make money than providing a service that 99% of the population does not understand and thinks is weird!

NO! You show ME the Science!

Unfortunately, the unscientific label keeps rearing its ugly head – especially from other chiropractors. The funny thing about this claim is that I have never heard these critics comment on the research that exists on NSA. They haven’t read it which makes their very statements unscientific! NSA is evidence based, is refined based on research and NSA doctors are encouraged to employ reevaluation criteria that ensures objective accountability.

Conflicts Clarify

By nature, I am a skeptical person who likes to be normal. On the other hand, I refuse to conform to other’s expectations just because they say it is so. What I have learned over the past 10 years is that if you are different and successful you will be criticized harshly. I have also learned that when you calmly meet those confrontations with your truth, they quickly evaporate until another day.

Last night, my father also shared that if anyone other than his son had come back to town with NSA he would never have even considered it as legitimate. Thank goodness I did.


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