Are You Winning the Game of Life – Part 6

July 11, 2012 by

Solution #2 – Behaviour!

In the last article we discovered that the people who are winning the game of life are different from those who are not in 3 main areas. These are our solutions to winning the game from now on. The solutions are: Awareness, Behaviour, and Structures. We looked more closely at awareness and gave you ideas to shift your awareness immediately.

This article will examine the behaviours that will set you on the path to winning the game of your life.

How to ACT like a Winner

We know that people who are winning the game of life act and behave differently than those who do not. This is obvious. The first characteristic of their actions is that their behaviours are consciously chosen. They create their own reality as opposed to wait for circumstance to dictate. Also very important, these individuals tend to focus almost all of their action on what they Want, instead of moving away from what they don’t want. Instead of seeking LESS pain, they will take action to create MORE health, vitality, mobility, or strength. Do you see the difference?

Start with the End in Mind

Winners of the game of life also understand that winning is a process and each action they take builds on the next. They make choices with the end in mind understanding that what may seem like a quick fix may hurt them in the long run. They ask, “How will this affect me in 5, 10, 20 years?” How many times have you taken a drug or undergone a procedure for temporary relief, knowing (or maybe ignoring) it was hurting your overall health? How about a little white lie in a relationship? Maybe a credit card purchase that made you feel good at the moment but you are still paying for today?

Start winning your game of life by focusing almost all of your time, energy, and money on actions that consistently increase your health and well-being in all areas of your life.

You ARE what you DIGEST

Winning the game of life also requires action in specific areas. Winning certainly requires great nutrition, however the most successful know that eating high quality food is not enough. You must be able to Digest the great food in order to be of full benefit. This means have balanced enzymes, gut flora and a properly functioning nervous system. It is also crucial to be able to listen to your body regarding food as we are built a bit different.

Move to Win

Daily activity is also essential to winning the game of life. Again, we are all a bit different so including a body awareness discipline is important in knowing what is right for you. Also be sure to include activities that get you out in the fresh air and sunshine.

When you Rest – Be sure you are Resting.

Proper rest is just as important as activity. Most people – while inactive – never truly rest because their body remains in fight or flight mode even when their day is done (and TV makes this worse). Techniques such as NSA and meditation can help you to break this stress pattern so you can truly rest and regenerate. Be sure to include family and friends in your leisure time as well.


Perhaps the best way to win the game of life is to use your actions to contribute to others. Contribution is one of only 2 ways humans can be truly and sustainably fulfilled. Make contribution (small or large) a part of your goals and daily schedule and watch your happiness soar.


The other way humans are truly fulfilled is to grow! This means learning new things and improving and refining skills that are important to you. If you don’t already, find an activity you are passionate about and commit to getting better at it – for life. I recently competed against a 64 year old man in weightlifting. Yes, he finished last, but he was happy because he works on getting better every day!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day – some people create a great life with their 24 hours and others, not so much. It is never too late to make your 24 hours a day epic. Start today by looking at everything you do in a day and a week and asking yourself how you can create an even better present and future. Make decisions like someone who is winning the game of life, and soon you will find that you are one of them.

« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. »
Da Vinci

A Holiday Community Invitation – and Gift Ideas

December 4, 2011 by

I love giving gifts at this time of year but I must admit that it can be stressful choosing the right gift for people who seem to have everything (a high quality problem).

Every year for the past 8 years Gault Family Chiropractic has given the gift of health to the friends, family and loved ones of its patients and practice members by providing Christmas cards with a certificate for a consultation, full examination and report of findings with me. In other words, our practice members give us the contact information of people they think would benefit from NSA care and we send them the card from their loved one. This is called a win-win-win!

I am happy to say that we no longer need to run this yearly event as a promotion. We don’t need to go out and find more people to be busy and successful. We continue to provide this service because we know that there are so many people in our community who desperately need sustainable ways to get healthy, learn to adapt to stress, develop success strategies and relieve suffering. As long as this is true, our job will never be finished.

With the birth of this blog the community of Gault Family Chiropractic has grown immensely and I am so grateful for everyone who follows me online. It is for that reason I would like to extend our offer to the readers of this blog. So, if someone you care about could benefit from NSA you can either phone our office (613-932-8111) with their contact info (name and address) and your name and we will get their gift off to them by Christmas. You can also email us at with the same information. We will be booking these appointments through Dec. and January. If your loved ones live outside of the Cornwall area, I know many of my colleagues offer similar programs in their offices. Feel free to email me with the area you are looking for and if possible I will connect you with a participating office.

Thank you all for reading this year! We will finish strong and get ready to make 2012 the best, healthiest and most successful year of your life!

More Gift Ideas

We have also recommitted to providing high quality and hard to find health products in the office. You can read why at this link Product Lines. We currently carry the following products.

Q Link Products – Pendants, bracelets, and buttons to minimize the effects of damaging environmental frequencies such as EMF. I have been using Q Link personally for 10 years and have purchased them for all of my staff and family. These products have been extensively researched and are endorsed by the likes of Ken Wilder and Dr. Robert Young. These products are not to be confused with certain rubber bracelets that have dubiously been in the news recently. Click HERE for more info

Innate Choice Products – High quality Fish Oil, probiotics and Vitamin D. This is the brand that my family uses every day. We currently also have a package of all 3 together at a significant discount. Click HERE for their website.

Dr. Epstein’s Books – The 12 Stages of Healing,and The Somato Respiratory Workbook which are great for anyone under NSA care or not.

You can phone the office for our hours to purchase or view the products.

How Adaptable are You?

October 10, 2011 by

The Bane of Thorin

I have a confession to make. I am a horrible flag football player! My teams routinely finish at or near the bottom of the league each year. While I rarely play quarterback these days I believe I am one of the losingest at that position in the history of Cornwall Men’s flag football.

Here is the thing though – I shouldn’t be horrible. I run faster than all but the fastest. I can throw the ball as far and hard as just about anyone. I am very well coordinated. What do I lack? Adaptability! When things don’t go as planned, when the game changes, when there are too many variables I don’t adapt so well and things fall apart.

Life is More Important Than Sports

Let’s forget about sports for the moment. How adaptable are you in your life? How do you respond when things get stressful? How does your life go when a wrench is thrown into your plans? What happens when there is a challenge in your health, job, family, finances or relationships?

Adaptability = Success

Adaptability, in my opinion is the greatest indicator of wellness and success in any endeavour. Take an inventory of areas of your life you are successful and not so successful in. I bet you will see that adaptability leads to success and a lack of (rigidity) leads to failure, pain and frustration.

1st Be Present

So, how do we become more adaptable? First, we must be aware in the present moment. What is the reality – NOW. Until we know what IS it is impossible to change it for the better. In level one of Network care we help people to become more aware of how their body is and has responded to the stresses of life.


Once we become more aware of the present we must have the flexibility to respond by changing our approach. This is called having more resourcefulness. Two people can have identical resources available to them, but the more adaptable individual will create more options with them. In level 2 of Network care, research has shown that the nervous system actually becomes more highly organized, indicating an increase in RESPONSE-ABILITY.

What is at Stake

A loss of adaptability can create major health problems. Life can be stressful and to be healthy we must be able to adapt to those stresses. Stress posture and physiology can become stuck in our bodies if we do not successfully adapt. This can result in a rigid, inflexible body prone to musculoskeletal injuries and pain. It also leads to a loss of digestive system function, immune response, high blood pressure and pulse rate. Worse yet, chronically high levels of stress hormones can cause weight gain, irritability and yes, even early death!

Body and Mind

The loss of health is not only physical. Sustained stress physiology makes it harder to think clearly, learn, be creative, calm, peaceful and have healthy relationships. It also hampers (if there was any doubt) your life enjoyment.

Our nervous system is how we interact between the outside environment and our inside reality. You can only be as adaptable as your nervous system is aware and flexible. NSA is a great way to boost your adaptability and succeed in any area of your life (except maybe flag football)!

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. “
Paulo Coelho

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