Wishing To Be Pain-Free Leads to Massive Suffering

August 24, 2011 by Thorin Gault D.C.

Quite commonly when I ask a patient early in Network care what their goals are, they will reply without hesitation that they want to be pain-free. Many chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and “health” products offer to help you live pain-free. In my eleven years of experience in practice (Gault Family Chiropractic’s birthday was Aug. 14th!) I have found that focusing on being pain-free not only often prolongs and worsens the pain, but also leads to massive suffering for the person experiencing it.

Pain-Free is NOT Possible!

First of all, being pain-free is impossible. Pain is a force that guides our lives. If not for pain we would never eat or go to the bathroom. We would constantly be doing physical damage to ourselves without the benefit of pain. Pain is an essential and important part of life and if you consider being pain-free successful I am afraid that you will always be disappointed.

All health practitioners have seen patients who have immediate and drastic relief of their symptoms with their care. The patient is thrilled with the doctor and tells everyone how wonderful they are. Everyone is happy! Then the pain comes back and this time does not go away so quickly or completely. The patient feels like a failure and feels that the doctor has failed them. At this point they usually move on to another doctor or treatment and the cycle continues  –  each time ending in disappointment and suffering.

Symptoms Are What they Are

The way to end this cycle is very simple. The solution is to see pain (or symptoms or diseases) for what they really are – signals that something needs to change! Pain is not good or bad…it just is!

Questions are Key

So, if the pain – even if undesirable – is not bad it no longer makes any sense to try and get rid of it. Instead of asking how we can become pain-free, we start to ask different questions. What does this pain mean? What is my body asking me to do differently? What must change physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? How can responding to this pain lead to changes that will make me healthier, happier and wealthier? Do you see how this different set of questions will lead to a completely different destiny? In addition, when we stop focusing on getting rid of the pain it usually goes away faster!

Awareness is Essential

If there is one concept that could completely and immediately transform the health of our entire society it is this: pain and symptoms are a call to become more aware, not less. A lifetime of fighting pain and disease and attempting to be pain-free leads to less and less awareness and therefore greater levels of suffering. A trip to any emergency room is evidence enough of that.

NSA and Awareness

NSA entrainments are so effective in creating sustainable and ever increasing results because the patient first becomes more aware of what is happening in their body and how that relates to the life they are living. Once aware the body becomes much more resourceful at making its own changes.

Suffering Optional

The saying goes that pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional. This is true and the amount and length of time each of us suffers depends heavily on how we respond to pain, diseases and challenges of all kinds. What will you choose?

Happy Birthday to Us!

Thank you to all for the warm well wishes on the 11th Birthday of our office. The fact that there was so much cake left means we must be doing our job!

Huge thank you to every practice member and supporter who has made the past 11 years possible. We love our jobs and have a huge vision for the future!


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