What Quality of Life Improvements Have You Noticed?

I feel that I am operating on a more stable level overall. This type of care is eliminating recurring problems that formerly would shut me down on a weekly basis. Without the fear of painful episodes to cope with, every moment of every day becomes more peaceful and predictable.
Neil G.

I now have control over my body as opposed to it controlling me! I feel good and daily stresses seem less interruptive.
Dwayne S.

Everything! What a life when you are pain free. Thanks.
Dawn L.

The pain in my neck has lessened. I find I am calmer during stressful moments, therefore, make better choices/decisions.
Lorraine C.

What aspect of your life has changed the most?

My ability to adapt to change more easily is the greatest gift I have received from Network Spinal Analysis. Thank you Thorin, Adele and Cindy.

What Would You Say to Someone considering NSA care with Dr. Gault?

The best day of my life was when I met Dr. Gault and was introduced to NSA entrainments – with a gentle touch he is able to elicit responses from your body which in turn starts you on the road to healing and living a healthier life.
Lillias B.

What Positive Changes Have You Noticed Since Starting Care With Dr. Gault?

I am physically able to do a lot more on a daily basis. I stopped prescription pain killers, anti-inflammatories and no more spinal injections. My life is a lot better now with SRI and NSA.
Denis P.

After every visit, I feel all the stress in my body disappear. It makes me a happier person.
Leslie O.

What Do You Love About the NSA Care Provided by Dr. Gault?

I love NSA because when I walk into the office, there is an aura of caring, support, and love from Adele, Cindy and Dr. Gault. It is a time for me and I am the sole benefactor.
Lillias B.

Do You Have Any Comments Regarding NSA or Dr. Gault?

For me, I look at it as another step in my personal path of healing. It reinforces and provides my “suspicion” that our bodies hold much more than we realize. I am learning to “walk in peace and beauty” (A Navaho saying). NSA’s philosophy is in keeping with my own cultural beliefs as a Mohawk person.
Angie B.

Not often do people get the opportunity to say that something has truly helped change their quality of life for the better. NSA care, under Dr. Gault and team, has definitely done this for me. Thank you Thorin, Cindy and Adele.
Rod B.

I think this is a wonderful and enlightening approach to the possibilities of self-healing. Dr. Gault is a passionate believer in his work and transmits it very well to his patients.
Eugenie B.

Dr. Gault takes that time to listen to you, and is concerned with your care!
Gretta M.

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