What’s Neurospinal Shift?

A Neurospinal Shift is an abnormal shift in both the function and structure of the spinal cord, nerves and vertebrae of the spine. Such a shift is both normal and beneficial in times of acute stress or danger (eg. being attacked by a grizzly bear or the moment of a car accident). When these shifts remain AFTER the stressful event is over they become both abnormal and harmful. You COULD rev your car’s engine at 30,000 rpm while sitting at stoplights, however before long you will be in for some hefty repair bills (not to mention spending a fortune on fuel).

When a Neurospinal Shift is present, the spinal cord becomes stretched between the top (neck) of the spine and bottom (sacrum) of the spine. Like a guitar string stretched too tight, this changes the messages travelling along the nerves that extend out to nearly every part of the body, thereby creating potential dysfunction in those tissues and organs.

When a severe enough Neurospinal Shift has been present for a long enough period of time, people will often begin to experience a variety of Secondary Conditions that are typically the reason they first consult with us at Nexus – commonly after unsuccessfully trying to treat them via other methods.

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