Upcoming Events

September 10, 2014 by Thorin Gault D.C.

Now that the kids are settled back to school and most of us have resumed our ‘normal’ routines, Nexus Chiropractic has a few great special events coming up this fall.

Open to everyone – including guests and the general public – is our Introductory Lecture. This presentation is NOT a sales pitch – I promise! – and provides useful health information that can be used by patients and non-patients alike. This takes place on Tuesday, Sept. 16th at 7pm at the office.

Also open to everyone is our Reorganizational Healing Workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 30th. We only present this workshop about once per year and it is one of the most highly reviewed workshops we do. The theme of this workshop is moving from Pain to Progress, Challenge into Opportunity, and Suffering into Success. This workshop is for anyone experiencing a challenge in life and health and is looking to get to the other side of it.

Please phone the office ahead of time to reserve seats.

Finally, on Saturday, Oct. 18th we will be conducting our 19th Clear Day. This is a full-day intensive open to people who have already made progress in our care and are looking to take the next step. This Clear Day will be held AT Nexus Chiropractic and will therefore the numbers will be limited. Please register as early as possible if you would like to attend so we can make sure you have a spot.

See you all soon!

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